C And C Educenter (the company) recognizes that print media, digital media, social media and the internet provide an ideal means to showcase and promote C And C activities through sharing student work and experiences with the C And C Educenter community and the larger global community.

With such a large reach, the C And C Educenter is committed to the protection, privacy and safety of all of it’s students. Therefore, we seek parent or guardian permission as a requirement for the identification and publication of events to do with your child that may take place via photo, print, video, audio, website or any other public sharing platform whether accessed through the web, a mobile device or through any existing and emerging communications platforms.

The above-listed publications may be widely circulated to the public, and may be viewed by anyone with access to the Internet.
Your permission includes but is not limited to C And C Educenter being able to:

• Record, film, photograph, audiotape or videotape your child and your child’s name, image, comments, creative work, achievements and performances; to display, publish and/or distribute these works for the purpose of publishing and posting on the C And C website and social media accounts including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Recordings may also be used for broadcasting on television or radio as determined by the company;
• Include your child’s image, comments, creative work, and achievements in our blogs, notices, certificates, website and social media accounts with only your child’s first name
• Events such as ceremonies, celebrations, gatherings, and other activities may be held where other individuals and groups not associated with C And C Educenter may be in attendance. Any electronic recordings, whether film or otherwise taken at a public venue by individuals not associated with C and C
Educenter are beyond the control of the company. You acknowledge and agree that you will not hold C And C Educenter responsible for any harm that may arise from unauthorized reproduction of these third party media.

Your signed permission will be valid for the period that your child attends or participates in a C And C Educenter camp or education activity.
All images and recordings will remain the property of C And C Educenter permanently and may be used in the future.

C and C Media Release Form