Ms. Kaitlin

kindergarten - Gr. 2

My name is Kaitlin DeShane, and I have been teaching with the Calgary Board of Education for the last 10 years. While I studied to be an Elementary Generalist, I have mainly worked as a music specialist, as I have an extensive musical background, including a Masters of Flute Performance from the Victoria Conservatory of Music (1999). I have worked with students from ages 2-14, and have had experience as both an educational assistant and teacher working with students with a variety of learning challenges and special needs. 

I attained my first degree at the University of Victoria in 1997, with a major in Greek and Roman Studies and a minor in Germanic Studies. For my degree, I was required to write many essays which exceeded 3,000 words, and so I have excellent knowledge of how to organize, write and articulate a point of view, using evidence to support my opinions. I have always had a passion for language, history, art and science, in addition to music, which I bring to my classroom and online classes. 

As a music specialist, I know how to use musical activities, such as action songs, to invite students further into a topic and theme. I choose songs to not only enhance children’s growing vocabulary, but also to teach numeracy skills, such as counting and patterning. Music and movement activities light up the whole brain and help with both emotional regulation and the development of gross motor skills and coordination. 

As a teacher, I strive to create an emotionally safe, nurturing learning environment, both in classrooms and online, where children feel comfortable to take creative risks and potentially make mistakes. Smiles, laughter and being a little silly from time to time are just some of the ways that I put my young students at ease. It is okay to not know the answer to a question, but it is very important to be curious enough to go find the answer! I like to provide challenging tasks that encourage my students to persevere and become more resilient. My ultimate goal is to help children to find and develop their own unique voice and to have the confidence and know-how to pursue and actualize their dreams.

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