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Ms. Katrina

Grade 3-6



My name is Katrina Hegmann. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Elementary Education with a minor in French.

French has been a large part of who I am. After ten years of French Immersion schooling, I chose to continue on this journey to pursue a French minor. I aspire to guide my students towards developing their own love for French, becoming confident French speakers and understanding the beauty and power of language.

My passion for teaching and working with children only continues to grow. I have worked with children aged 4-16, in many subject areas. I have experienced teaching in professional environments such as through my Field Experience and Practicums, as well as in casual positions such as through volunteer opportunities. 

I began tutoring three years ago. Through this journey, I have witnessed the incredible impact that one-on-one help can have on a child’s academic career, as well as overall confidence. 

As an educator, I work to create a safe, fun, inviting and inclusive environment for students to learn and grow freely. I strive to help every child see, then meet, their full potential.

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