Acknowledgement of Risk, Consent of Parent or Guardian, Release of Liability/Responsibility

C and C Educenter (the “Educenter”) will make every reasonable effort to ascertain that:
• The supervisors and staff of the Service Provider are experienced and qualified.
• The students who undertake the program or activities will be adequately supervised.
• The classrooms and/or facilities where the activity will take place are appropriate and safe.
• Any equipment made available by the Service provider or used in the activity is deemed to be appropriate, safe and well

Consent and Acknowledgement of Risk

  1. I am satisfied that I have been informed of my right to obtain as much information about this program, or activity as I
    feel necessary, including information beyond that information provided to me by the C and C Educenter to the extent
    that I require and am not, in any way, relying solely upon information provided by the Educenter respecting the nature
    and extent of the risks and hazards associated with the program or activity.
  2. I freely and voluntarily assume the risks and hazards inherent in the nature of the program or activity and understand
    and acknowledge that my child, as a participant, may suffer personal and potentially serious injury due to an
    unforeseeable or fortuitous event.
  3. My child has been informed that he/she is to abide by the rules and regulations including directions and instructions
    from the Educenter’s administrators, instructors, and supervisors as imposed on students while participating in the
    program or activities. This shall include his/her participation in all of the introductory sessions and meet all
    prerequisites prior to his/her participation in the activity or program.
  4. In the event that my child fails to abide by the rules and regulations imposed on the student while participating in the
    program or activities, disciplinary action may either require that he/she not participate in the program or activity, or
    that I will be contacted to have him/her picked up.
  5. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to advise the Educenter of any medical or health concerns of my child which
    may affect his/her participation in the stated program or activity.
  6. Based on my understanding, acknowledgement, and consents as described herein, I agree that my child has my permission to participate in this program or activity.

Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement In consideration of the acceptance of the registration of
my child to participate in the Educenter, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless C and C Educenter, its teachers, staff and
contracted tutors (the “Educenter”) from all claims for injuries, damages, losses, death, costs and expenses of all kinds,
including legal fees, in any way arising from or related to the Educenter activities both on and off its facility site. I acknowledge
that the Educenter does not warrant any personal equipment/property or the negligent use of any personal

Release of Responsibility To protect student’s safety, the Educenter does not permit any student to leave the building during
the program hours. In the event that any student leaves the building without Educenter’s permission, the Educenter holds no
responsibilities for any activities, incidents, and accidents that may occur off-site.

Photograph Release and Publish Student Work I am aware that for the purposes of communications between parents and
the Educenter and promotion of the Educenter that the likeness of my child and my child’s work may be used in form of
photographs, videotape, audio recordings or photocopies. I hereby grant permission to use any such photos, videotape, audio
recordings or photocopies without further approval from myself, my heirs, executors or administrators.